After many years in the corporate events industry I took a number of short sabbaticals to focus on my training as an art therapist. These days I like to balance my creative time between both the therapeutic and commercial aspects of art & design.


Not surprisingly, there is an overlap in the brand design for a personal start-up or small business and an art counselling session — they both require one to truly listen and observe the person. 

Although I love the scale of corporate events, I particularly enjoy working with people to develop their unique brand as its a journey of discovery for both the individual and the designer. 

I arrived in the UK in 1995, and at the time was adamant I wanted to freelance. Over 25 years later, I continue to enjoy the freedom working for myself allows. 

Work-life balance is essential for an abundant creative flow throughout all aspects of my life — design consultancy, art therapy, art groups and college tutor. 


I enjoy a part-time college tutor role introducing therapy business entrepreneurs to identify their skills and explore their innerpreneur — helping graduates develop their unique authentic brand voice and business practice.  

When I'm not designing digitally, I like to work with mixed media, upcycle and stone carving.